Why Do Budgies Kiss Each Other? & What It Means (Explained)

Two budgies kissing each other

If it looks like your budgies are kissing, things might not be quite as they seem! 

What seems like a “budgie kiss” is usually courtship behavior. It happens around the breeding season when your birds are sharing food. Feeding each other is an important way for budgies to bond. Some birds will even try and “kiss” their humans, too. 

This article will help you determine the difference between appropriate bonding and aggressive biting behavior.

It will also explain why it can be dangerous for humans to kiss their birds and give you some tips for doing it safely. 

What Does It Mean When Two Budgies Are Kissing? 

Budgies (aka parakeets) share food between their beaks. It’s how parents take care of their young, and it’s how mates build a stronger relationship before having chicks. 

Typically, the male feeds the female to help boost her strength for raising their young. It takes a lot of energy for a budgie to incubate her eggs, and she can become exhausted if she doesn’t get enough to eat. 

Some budgies do have homosexual relationships, though, so it’s not always as clear-cut as the male feeding the female. 

If your budgies appear to be kissing each other’s necks, they are grooming each other and helping to get rid of dry skin or loose feathers. It’s mutually beneficial, and it is also a sign of affection. 

Will Two Male Budgies kiss?

Male budgies sometimes form bonded pairs, whereas female budgies are more likely to fight if they live together. 

It’s not unusual for two male budgies to “kiss” as part of their close bond. 

Remember, this is how they share food, which is also a sign of affection. (You wouldn’t share your meal with people you don’t like, right?!)

But if you notice your budgies biting each other’s beaks, it can be a sign of fighting. So watch closely, and make sure you’re actually seeing what you think you’re seeing.

This video shows two budgies sharing food, so you’ll know what healthy “kissing” behavior looks like. 

Are My Budgies Kissing or Fighting?

When budgies are sharing food, aka “kissing”, they are pretty gentle with each other. But budgies can also use their beaks as a sign of aggression. 

In the following video, you will see a budgie acting aggressively and using her beak to attack the other birds. I don’t condone this video. The person who made it seems to have encouraged his birds to fight for the “fun” of it.

This is horrible for your birds, and you shouldn’t encourage your budgies to show aggression. They could even become sick from the stress.

But since the video has already been made, we may as well try and learn something from it, so that the poor budgies didn’t suffer for nothing. 

Now that you know what fighting looks like, you can compare it to the first video and determine whether your budgies are showing affection or aggression. 

Why Do Budgies Fight?

There are several reasons why budgies might fight. Here are a few pointers to help you work out the problem. 


It might be because they were introduced to the same cage too quickly and don’t feel comfortable with each other yet. Make sure your birds have time to hang out together in a safe place before you close them in a small space for the night. 


Boredom can also be a factor, so make sure your birds get plenty of time to fly outside the cage and that they have access to toys and enrichment. 


It’s not unusual for birds to bicker a bit around food, especially their favorite treats. The best way to avoid this is to provide plenty of food, spread across a few locations. This way, they won’t be on the same perch trying to wrestle for the same snack. 


Some birds simply don’t like each other. If you think this is the case, you might have to consider keeping them in separate cages.

They will appreciate being in the same room so that they can see and hear another bird, but it’s not a good idea to leave together two birds that are consistently getting into brawls.

That isn’t to say they won’t get on with any birds. They just might need a chance to meet other suitors. In general, female pairs fight more than male pairs. 


Should humans kiss their budgies? 

Some budgies will come and ask their humans for a kiss, especially if they don’t share their life with another bird. While this is cute, it can also be dangerous.

Humans carry bacteria and viruses that can kill birds, so our saliva is harmful to budgies. If you want to kiss your budgie, make sure your mouth is closed, and the kiss is dry. 

Why do budgies bite each other’s beaks? 

If a budgie bites another bird’s beak, it’s probably telling the other bird to back off. The budgie might be annoyed by something the bird did, and it’s making itself heard. If the conflict is resolved after one peck or bite, you don’t need to worry.

But if fighting becomes a regular and drawn-out occurrence, you might need to think about separating your birds.

You could also consider spreading out food and toys in more places around the cage so that you can eliminate resource conflict. 

What should I do if my budgies are fighting?

If your budgies are fighting, make a loud noise, like clapping near their cage, to distract them. Don’t stick your hand inside the cage, as you could get hurt or frighten your birds, making them panic and injure themselves.

Also, stay calm and don’t yell, as this can make things worse. If either of your birds seems to be injured, take it to the vet. 

Final Thoughts 

What looks like a budgie kiss normally involves food sharing. Budgies share food to help the female get ready to raise her chicks, but it can also be a more general sign of courtship and affection. 

You need to know the difference between “kissing” and fighting because budgies become very stressed if they are trapped with a bird that they don’t get on with.

In the wild, they would be able to fly away to safety. But in a small cage, it’s essential that they feel comfortable and relaxed with their roommate. 

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