Do budgies poop everywhere? Potty Train Your Budgie

Budgie outside his cage

It’s hard to make sweeping statements about budgie behavior because they are all such individuals! It’s no different when it comes to poop. 

Some budgies will poop pretty much everywhere if you let them out of the cage. Others prefer to poop in their cages, even if the doors are left open all the time. It is also possible to house train your budgies, but this takes time, effort, and patience. 

If you’re wondering whether or not to potty train your budgie, this article will give you some advice to get started. I hope you find it helpful!

Everything You Need to Know About Budgie Poop (Lucky You!)

How often do budgies poop? 

Budgies poop regularly, around three or four times an hour. They don’t poop as much in the night, though, and will do a particularly big and smelly one in the morning!

Why am I telling you this?

You might want to wait a bit before letting out your birds in the morning. Make sure they have already ‘gone’ before you let them have their morning stretch, and you can avoid cleaning up a stinker. 

Is budgie poop smelly?

Budgie poop is generally inoffensive. The first poo of the morning is a bit bigger and smellier, but their poops are small and don’t smell bad. 

If your budgie has watery or smelly poop, it is usually a sign of digestion issues. Perhaps you’ve been feeding them too much watery veg like lettuce or cucumber, or it could be something more serious. 

If your budgie does have consistent problems with yucky poops, I’d recommend getting in touch with your vet. 

How to Potty Train Your Budgie

Potty training your budgie is quite hard work, and it takes a lot of patience. Because of this, some people prefer not to bother. They just let out their budgies to fly a few times a day when they are present, and quickly wipe up any poop as it arises. 

However, if you want to have a go at potty training your budgie, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Observe your bird. Make sure they’ve done their big morning poop before you let them out of the cage. 
  2. Look out for clues. Just before your budgie goes, they probably have a ‘tell.’ For example, they might move in a certain way or make a particular noise. 
  3. Take them to their cage. Once you recognize this tell, take your budgie out of the cage on your hand and return them every time they make their poop sign. Over time, they will get used to going only in their cage. 

How NOT to Potty Train Your Budgie 

Do not shout at your bird or try to ‘discipline’ them if they poop outside the cage. They will not understand your problem and will just trust you less. This will make them want to stay farther away from you. 

Consequently, they are more likely to fly to high places where their poop is harder to clean up!

Is It Worth Potty Training Your Budgie?

It’s a personal choice. 

I know lots of people who don’t bother potty training their budgies. So long as the birds have a fun and exciting cage full of toys and perches, they will spend most of their time there, even when the doors are open. 

This means they will do only a couple of poos on the carpet here and there, which you can clean with a damp cloth. 

The upside of potty training your budgie is that you won’t have to keep such a close eye on their every move, so you know where the poop is. But to be honest, if you have birds, you’ll be hoovering a lot anyway!

Cleaning Up After Your Budgie

In addition to pooping where they feel like it, your budgies will like to throw food outside of their cage as they search for the tastiest bits. Plus, they’ll make a mess when they molt!

So, you should expect your budgies to make a mess. If you can’t handle this, you probably don’t want to get birds. 

It can be helpful to line the cage with paper towels. At the end of each day, you can just pop them in the bin along with any poops and spilled grain. Poops in the house can be wiped up when they are fresh or hoovered when they are dry. 

You’re bound to miss some poops and discover them when you move the furniture. It’s just part of the game, I’m afraid. 

Keeping Budgies in Their Cage

Keeping budgies in their cage all the time would stop them from pooping everywhere, but it’s not fair to your bird. 

They need to stretch their wings and have a change of scene. 

While they can be happy in a big cage with a friend, you should let them out for short periods every day for their wellbeing. 

Final Thoughts 

Budgies poop, and sometimes you’re going to find the evidence of that on your carpets. I’m afraid it’s something you’ll have to get on board with if you want a pet bird.

By all means, have a go at potty training them if you have the patience. Just don’t rely on this as a foolproof solution because it will take time for your budgie to learn to go in their cage. 

The good news is that budgie poop is small and doesn’t smell bad. If this isn’t the case, you’ll want to visit the vet and determine the underlying problem. 

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