Do Budgies Like Being Blown On?

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Budgies can enjoy being blown on, but only if you do it right. 

Your budgies might like it if you gently blow on their heads and necks. But you should do this only if you have a good, trusting relationship with your bird, and they don’t react badly after the first try. Never blow directly into their face because human saliva can be very dangerous for birds. 

This article will tell you exactly how to blow on your budgie. It will also explain why some of them like it so much!

Why Do Some Budgies Like Being Blown On?

Budgies are sociable little birds that enjoy showing affection to their mates. This affection can include chuffing, which is when budgies gently blow into each other’s nostrils. 

If your budgie already has a mate, they are less likely to enjoy you blowing on them, as another bird is already meeting their social needs.

But if you have an excellent relationship with your budgies, they might like you blowing on them even if they don’t live on their own. 

When to Try Blowing on Your Budgie

You don’t want to chase your bird and try to blow on it before you have a good level of trust.

First, your budgie should be tame enough to land on your finger. 

Even then, don’t start blowing on them too fast, or they might change their mind about hanging out with you. 

Once your birds are totally relaxed with you and happy to nuzzle into or kiss you, you’ll probably be fine to gently blow on their necks and heads.

Remember, don’t blow right in their faces because human saliva can carry pathogens that make birds sick. 

How to Know if Your Budgie Likes Being Blown On 

All budgies are individuals. Some of them will come and lean on your mouth, actually asking you to blow on them. Others will never want you to do it, and that’s fine, too!

When you blow on your budgie, if they fly away from you, that’s a good sign they don’t like it. Hissing is your budgie’s way of asking you to back off, so don’t carry on if they react like that.

But if they carry on leaning into you or even try chuffing back, it means they like it. 

Don’t blow on them really hard. Use very gentle air pressure; you aren’t trying to blow out candles here! 

Where Do Budgies Like to Be Touched?

In addition to blowing gently on your bird’s head, you might be able to gently touch and scratch around their neck.

You could also try very gently touching their head, beak, or cheeks. 

Surprisingly, budgies like to be touched against the direction of their feathers. This is the opposite of common pets like dogs, cats, or horses, so don’t be caught out!

Focus only on the neck and head. If you try to touch below this area, your budgie will probably get mad.

Even if they let you touch their back, tail, or tummy, I don’t recommend it. Your budgie will think you are trying to mate with them. 

This can annoy your bird, or it can make them possessive of you. In turn, they could be aggressive with other people in the future. 

Final Thoughts 

Some budgies like being blown on but that doesn’t mean you should just crack on without thinking.

It’s important to respect your budgie’s trust and not touch or interact with them in a way they don’t like. 

If you force your bird to accept unwanted attention, your relationship will suffer in the long run. You might even end up getting scratched and bitten, and it wouldn’t be the bird’s fault!

Hopefully, this won’t happen to you. The fact that you are reading this article already tells me that you care about being a good owner.

So, with a bit of patience, I’m sure you’ll have a fantastic bond with your budgie!

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