Keeping 4 Budgies in One Cage – What You Must Know

4 budgies in one cage

If you’re planning to keep four budgies in one cage, there are some things that you need to know. 

Four budgies will need to have an appropriate cage—one that is wide enough for them to fly around in. You will have to introduce them properly to avoid unnecessary fights that could lead to stress and injury. If you plan on breeding budgies, you should not keep more than one pair in each cage. 

This article will explain how to keep four budgies together responsibly. I’ll tell you which cage designs to avoid altogether and how to introduce birds safely. I hope you find it helpful!

Can I Keep 4 Budgies Together? 

You can absolutely keep four budgies together. In the wild, budgies live in huge flocks, so they are used to socializing as a group. They will be much happier kept with friends than on their own!

However, you can’t just grab four random budgies, shove them in a cage, and hope for the best. 

You need to introduce the birds properly, so they can get used to each other.

You also need to make sure the cage is big enough. In the wild, budgies are free to fly away if they have any disagreements but in your home, they won’t always have this choice. 

I wouldn’t recommend keeping more than four budgies in your house. This is simply because all the chirping can get pretty noisy—plus, you might find it overwhelming to have more than four birds in your home!

If your budgies live in an aviary or their own room, this might not be an issue. 

What Size Cage Do I Need for 4 Budgies?

There are a few factors to think about when it comes to choosing the right cage for your four budgies. Some people will say that 25 inches x 25 inches x 25 inches is big enough for four parakeets.

Others disagree and say you need a cage that is 28 inches x 28 inches x 28 inches. 

Do people keep budgies in much smaller cages? Yes, they do. All the time! But that doesn’t mean it’s best for them. Many people keep their dogs on a chain all day but we know that the animals would prefer to have regular walks and space to explore. 

It’s not just the overall size of the cage that is important. Your budgie’s enclosure should be as wide as possible, so they can exercise their wings as they fly around. Budgies are not helicopters, so a tall thin cage is not appropriate for them. 

It’s okay if your cage is tall, but only if it is also wide enough.  

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Keeping 4 Budgies in One Cage

Generally speaking, the bigger the cage, the better. But the way you manage your birds is essential. 

Your budgies shouldn’t be in their cage 24/7. You should let them out for a free flight every day, too. If your budgies are in their cage 100% of the time, you need to look at getting a large aviary, so they have a decent quality of life. 

If your birds aren’t tame, you might consider putting the cage in a small, ‘budgie-safe’ room. This way, you can let them fly around without worrying that they won’t come back to their cage quickly enough. 

They should eventually find their way back to their ‘home,’ and then you can pop the door closed. Don’t run around trying to herd them back in or you’re just going to freak them out and make them trust you less. 

Enrichment For 4 Budgies

You also need to provide plenty of enrichment in the cage. With four budgies, I’d recommend spreading plenty of perches and toys throughout, so they don’t feel like they have to fight for resources. 

You can offer multiple water bottles and feeders so they don’t get territorial over their breakfast. Just being together will be a significant enrichment for your birds. 

Budgies kept alone can be vulnerable to loneliness and depression. It’s appropriate to keep them like this only if you aren’t out of the house working all day. You need to be really present in the house so they don’t feel too isolated.

Personally, I would not keep a bird alone unless they were in medical quarantine or had some kind of serious behavior problem. 

How to Introduce 4 Budgies 

It’s essential to introduce budgies correctly. Whether you start with one, two, or three budgies, introducing a new bird should be done with the same sense of caution. 

First, keep the new bird in a separate cage, close to the main one. Their temporary enclosure should contain some enriching toys and perches; you can move these items into the main cage when your new budgie moves in. 

For a couple of days, let the birds chat to each other from between cages, so they get used to the company without feeling threatened.

On day two or three, let your existing budgies out of their cage, so they can fly over to the new guy and check them out. 

Do this a few times. If everything goes well, you can try letting your new budgie out of their cage simultaneously so that everyone can meet on neutral ground.

After a couple of days of socializing outside, I would let them spend the day together in one cage. I would still take the new bird out at night, just in case they fight when you aren’t there. 

Once everyone is totally chilled out together, you can let the new budgie sleep with the old guys. Just make sure to keep giving your existing birds the same amount of love and attention.

If you previously had only one budgie, they might feel jealous and upset at first. 

Still, it normally doesn’t take long for them to get used to each other. Keeping females together can be more complicated than males. In some cases, it might be months before you can safely leave your birds unsupervised together. 

If your birds keep fighting, I would separate them again and ask professional advice from a budgie breeder or vet.

Budgies are sensitive to stress, and excessive fighting can make them very unwell—not to mention the injuries they can get from angry claws and beaks. 

When Not to Keep 4 Budgies Together 

If you are breeding budgies, you should keep only one breeding pair in a cage. This can reduce the risk to the chicks, which can sometimes be attacked by the other birds. 

You should be breeding budgies only if you are an experienced bird keeper and can 100% guarantee loving homes for the chicks. 

So many budgies get abandoned every year, so it’s not responsible to keep breeding them without being sure they are going somewhere safe. Don’t forget; budgies can live for 10 years!

Final Thoughts 

So long as you have the right cage and introduce them properly, four budgies should be very happy to live together.

It is always possible that some budgies can’t adapt to company. They might be traumatized from inappropriate handling by a previous owner, or they just might not like other birds. 

If you take things slowly, almost all budgies will come around and be delighted to share their lives with some buddies. 

Just make sure they have a nice, wide cage with lots of enrichment, and give them plenty of free fly time as well. 

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